Participants of the Conference. (From left to right). 
First line. Member of Swedish delegation Birger Andersson. Vice-President of Swedish Working Dog Association (SBK) Sven Wergard. President of United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) Kenneth Tatsch. 
Second line. President of Latvian Federation Sports wiith Dogs (LSSF) Yan Pavlovsky. Member of Swedish delegation Peter Jacob. Representative of Ministry of Interior of Russia Pavel Panfilov. 
Last line. Representative of Ministry of Defence of Russia colonel Vladimir FedorovOn the 19-20th of February 2001 the First International Cynological Sports Conference was held in Moscow. In the conference took part the leaders of the national sports organizations of Latvia, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.

The conference declared course on the integration to the international Olympic movement and approved the Resolution of the conference and the Declaration of the International Sports cynological movement, which formulated its basic principles.

On the meeting of the working dogs section during the conference the delegations have discussed ways of development of this direction of dogsport activity. Swedish delegation has informed participants of the conference about activity of Swedish Working Dogs Association in this sphere. Representatives of Russian ministries, which are using dogs in its activity (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Rescue and Ministry of Justice), also took part in the meeting of the working dog section of the conference.

On the meeting of the agility section during the conference the decision to hold the First IFCS World Agility Championship in Moscow was made.


The Declaration of the International Sports CynologicalMovement (ISCM) wasunanimously approwed by all participants of the Conference.At present the Declaration is signed by twelve countries from four continents.

The text of the Declaration of the International Sports Cynological Movenet you can find here: http://www.dogsport.ru/mode.18-l.1


of the I-st International Cynological Sports Conference

February 19-20 2001, Moscow, Russia

In different countries, on different continents a large number of people is engaged in different kinds of sport with dogs. The number of these people grows every year and nowadays sport with dogs has become popular. Dogs are used widely in different countries to solve state problems, competitions in kinds of sport with dogs play a great role in support of activity of government departments of different countries. Thus, cynological kind of sport have a great importance in public life of different countries and international community in the whole.

  1. Cynological sport serves for peace and international friendship consolidation. Meeting on the competitions in cynological sports people of different countries get acquainted with national traditions of each other and learn to respect them.
  2. Cynological sport helps the humanitarian self-education of a person. During training to the competitions a person gets a lot of useful information about animate nature of the Earth.
  3. Cynological sport teaches not to be cruel towards animals.
  4. Cynological sport helps the moral formation of the personality. In cynological sport the sportsman learns to understand and analyze the behaviour and character of his dog because of being the part of the team sportsman-dog and to develop and show mutual respect for fellow sportsmen.
  5. Cynological sport contributes to improved human health through companionship with dogs.
Thus, it is necessary to agree that:
  1. The 1st International cynological sports conference is an important stage of dog sport development on the international level and it helps to extend co-operation between national sporting cynological organizations.
  2. Regular holding of international cynological sports conferences (about once a year) with attraction of maximum number of countries will help to develop international co-operation in the sphere of cynological sports.
  3. Participation of sportsmen from different countries in the competitions of each other, unification of the international competitions rules, exchange of judges, mutual coordination of dates of competitions, creation of common methodical basis the most important elements of forming system of cynological sports.
  4. Holding of international and national competitions with participation of representatives of cynological services of state departments serves to the interests of the society and of any country.
  5. The integration of cynological sports into international sporting system and Olympic movement on the basis of preservation of the Olympic charter is an immediate necessity.
The 2nd International cynological Sports conference will be held in 2002. Place and date of the conference will be determined according to necessity of maximum attraction of representatives of national sporting cynological organizations of different countries.


Latvia (LSSF President Y.Pavlovsky)

Russian Federation (RLC Vice-President Y.Ostashenko)

Sweden (SBK Vice-President S.Wergard)

Ukraine (UFSS President K.Binkovsky)

USA (USDAA President K.Tatsch)

The IFCS President Yuri Ostashenko (left) and Vice-President of the Swedish Working Dogs Association (SBK) Sven Wergard(right)
Yuri Ostashenko and Sven Wergard
Participants of the conference (from left to right): Yan Pavlovsky (LSSF President), Pavel Panfilov (representative of the Ministry of Interior of Russia), Ilona Rodionova (representative of the LSSF).
On the conference
LSSF President Yan Pavlovsky (Latvia) signs the documents of the Conference
Signing of the documents
Participants of the Conference on winter combined competition.  From left to right: assistant of IFCS President Varvara Bolshakova (Russia), USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch (USA), SBK Vice-President Sven Wergard (Sweden), IFCS President Yuri Ostashenko.
Participants of the conference
Participants of the conference: Ilona Rodionova - Latvia (left) and Birger Andersson - Sweden (right)
On the conference
Participants of the Conference and team "Dynamo-GAI Nizhnii Novgorod" - Champion of Russia 2001 on winter combined competition. Coach - Vitaly Romanchuk
Participants and Champions
Elena Vavakina - Champion of Russia 2001 (left) and member of Swedish delegation Birger Andersson (right)
Participants and Champions
USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch (left) and IFCS President Yuri Ostashenko (right)
Kenneth Tatsch and Yuri Ostashenko
Cup of Russia in agility, which was held at the days of the conference. Chief Judge Ilona Rodionova - Latvia (right)
Agility - judge Ilona Rodionova (Latvia)

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