Agility Dog Association of AustraliaAgility Dog Association of Australia (ADAA)

Agility Dog Association ofAustralia (A.D.A.A.) was formed in 1994 to promote international standard Agility to all dog owners and to encourage the public to involve their pets more in 'fun' activities. A.D.A.A. also formulates rules and guidelines for the conduct of Agility competitions in Australia.

Agility tests are designed for the enjoyment of the handler, the dog, and for spectator appeal, within the constraints of safety. We produce a quarterly magazine called Contact, as well as holding judges' training courses and exams.

ADAA Ltd. is run by volunteers.

Leadership of the A.D.A.A. (Board of Directors):

  • Chairperson: - Natalie Kirkwood
  • Deputy Chairperson: - Steve Drinkwater
  • Treasurer: - Wendy Blakeston
  • Board Member: - Neville Allen
  • Board Member: - Liz Barker (NSW)
  • Secretary: Cathy Slot
A.D.A.A. address:

85 Blackwall Rd, Chuwar QLD 4306, Australia

Ph (07) 3202 2361 Fax (07) 3281 6872

E-mail: secretary@adaa.com.au


On the 06th of July 2002 Australia joined the International Sports Cynological Movement. Deputy Chairman of Agility Dog Association of Australia Steven Drinkwater signed the Declaration of the International Sports Cynological Movement.

IFCS on behalf of countries-participants of the International Sports Cynological Movement has the honour to congratulate the leadership and all members of Agility Dog Association of Australia (ADAA) on this important event in the cynological sports history.

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