Cynological Society V.O.E.Cynological Society V.O.E.

Cynological society V.O.E was established in 1967 and the Regulations were published in Belgiums Government Gazette under number 5775 on the 17th of October 1968.

On the 8th of May 1997 V.O.E. became a co-founder of the Belgium Central Register for all dogs (B.V.I.R.H).

By Ministerial decree on the 18th of June 1998 V.O.E. has received an official recognition of the Ministry of Agriculture for the identification of dogs.

By joining the V.F.H., V.O.E. was accepted by BLOSO in 2001. BLOSO is an official institution of the Belgium Government which recognizes sports.

Notwithstanding the V.O.E. has his own stud book, all dogs are allowed to participate on competitions and championships, which are held by the Society.

Address of the V.O.E. Secretariat General: Bollewerpstraat 119, 8770 Ingelmunster, Belgium

Secretary General - Dirk Defour

Tel: 051/31.05.51

e-mail: voe@pandora.be

On the 25th of June 2002 Belgium joined the International Sports Cynological Movement. Secretary General of Cynological Society V.O.E. Dirk Defour signed the Declaration of the International Sports Cynological Movement. IFCS on behalf of countries-participants of the International Sports Cynological Movement has the honour to congratulate the leadership and all members of Cynological Society V.O.E. on this important event in the cynological sports history. IFCS Press Service

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