SADAASouth African Dog Agility Association (SADAA)

The South African Dog Agility Association (SADAA) was established in July 2001, and held its first competition in October 2001. The first National Trials were held by SADAA in May 2002.

The SADAA largest competitions are the National Trials (held annually) and the Regional Trials. Each region is permitted to hold 1 Regional Trials weekend per year. Qualifications in Agility 3 and Jumping 3 are only awarded at Regional Trials, so competitors will travel long distances to get to these events.


Lionel NoikLionel Noik - Managing Director andRegional Director (Gauteng)

Lionel commenced with the sport of agility in April 1998, by organizing the first official agility examination for aspiring agility judges. Under his chairmanship the Gauteng Agility Club was formed in May 1998. Lionel is the proud owner of five Border Collies and a Maltese. Lionel has organised several international events in South Africa and was recently elected Managing Director of SADAA's umbrella body, the South African Working Dogs Association.

Johan de Kock
Johan de Kock - Area Director (South)

Nico Roux
Nico Roux - Regional Director (Border)

Nico started jumping with his GSD Montey in 1996 and from there progressed to Agility. He claims to have never had any major achievements, but has had some good runs and always had a lot of fun and pleasure in running Montey, even though they seldom win anything. Nico qualified as a judge in 2001 and has judged at several trials since then.

Ian McFarlane
Ian McFarlane - Regional Director (Eastern Province)

Ian first became involved in Dog Jumping - the forerunner of Agility inSouth Africa - in the mid-1980's. He started out by handling other people's dogs until he got his own dog, a very fast little tri-color Border Collie called Skye, who became a Dog Jumping Champion in 1993. Ian has served on various agility committees for 15 years and was also a founder member of the National Agility Committee through which he was closely involved in the formulation of the rules and the development of the sport with dogs in South Africa. Ian is an experienced judge and officiated at the SADAA National Trials in 2002.

Sally Adam
Sally Adam - Regional Director (Western Province)

Sally started agility in the mid-90's with her miniature schnauzer, Ziggy.There were no official classes for mini-dogs in those days, and Sally andZiggy campaigned long and hard for recognition for minis. Eventually thesmall dogs got their own classes and Ziggy went on to become the firstnational mini champion at the age of 10. Sally was involved at all levels ofthe sport before becoming a co-founder of SADAA in 2001. Sally is a Judge Tutor, training new judges for SADAA.

Roche Vermaak Roche Vermaak - Regional Director (Boland)

After many years of working with dogs in the National Defence Force and Police Force (mainly explosives search dogs), Roche started competing in various dog sports in 1992. So far he boasts 6 Dog Jumping champions;1 Obedience champion; 2 Carting champions and 1 Agility champion.

George van Huyssteen - Regional Director (Southern Cape)

George became involved in dog sport in 1998, after he got his first bordercollie, Flash. The bug bit and he now has three border collies with which he competes. George did his Judging course in 2002 and is a junior judge for SADAA. He is also vice chairman of the Garden Route Dog Club and Southern Cape Agility. He is very proud of this as the club has produced some of the best dogs in the country.

Jurie Smith Jurie Smith - Regional Director (Free State)

Jurie started agility in 1999. He competes with 3 Border Collies, Zoe, Rico and Jay. He is the chairman of Bloem Active Dogs Club in Bloemfontein and became Regional Director for SADAA Free State in 2003. He is also a Senior Judge for SADAA. Jurie also does freestyle dancing with one dog and flyball with 2 dogs.

Information for contacts with SADAA:

Lionel Noik
30 Club Street, Linksfield, 2192
011 4852100 / 0824564332

Sally Adam
PO Box 494, Bergvliet, South Africa, 7864
phone: 21-7614227


Best judges

Hannes Kotze - Hannes' dog training career started in 1982 (in obedience). With his dogsGitta and Kuno he was introduced to agility in 1983. Hannes previously served as the Chairman of the National Agility Committee before starting SADAA and along with Johan de Kock is the main force behind the new organisation. Hannes is also a top judge and regularly receives judging invitations for all the top competitions around the country.

Ian McFarlane (see info in section SADAA Board)

Pam Eloff - although Pam has only run a dog in agility on the odd occasion, she has been involved with agility administration and judging since the mid-90's. Pam is also one of the two Judge Tutors who train new agility judges.

Gawie Faul - began agility in 1994 with his Dobermann Nina. Later he also competed in the top classes with a crossbreed and a GSD. Gawie qualified as an agility judge in 1996, and this year judged the SADAA Nationals.

Famous athletes

Johlene Kirstein started agility as a teenager with her Staffie, Maxi. Acouple of years later she acquired a Border Collie, Tessa, who went on tobecome the SA National Champion at an early age. Tessa and Maxi are still active in agility and both dogs recently won the overall trophies at theSouthern Cape Regional Trials for the second year running.

Chantal Holmes also started agility as a youngster. Her first dog, Tommy,has won all the major agility and jumping competitions in South Africa, aswell as the recent Border Regional Trial overall trophy. Chantal now runsthree dogs: Tommy, Jonti and Roscoe.

Shirley Holmes (Chantal's mother) started agility to keep Chantal company, and with her dog Scampy is pretty unbeatable by all except Chantal! Shirley and Scampy have won a National title, and have also won many medals at SADAA events. Shirley also runs Scampy's brother, Taz.

Johlene Kirstein and Tessa
Johlene Kirstein and Tessa
Chantal Holmes and Tommy
Chantal Holmes and Tommy
Shirley Holmes and Scampe
Shirley Holmes and Scampe
from left
George van Huyssteen and Flash
Manie Connoway and Cosi
Chantal Holmes and Tommy
Jurie Smith and Zoe
National Team (top four competitors of National Trial 2002)
South Africa

South Africa became IFCS full member

According to decision of the IFCS Council South African Working Dogs Association have gotten membership in the IFCS. The Association is umbrella organization for different kinds of cynological sports (agility, obedience, flyball and some others)

South Africa
On the 13th of June 2002 South Africa joined the International Sports Cynological Movement. Managing Director of the South African Dog Agility Association (SADAA) Johan de Kock signed the Declaration of the International Sports Cynological Movement.

IFCS on behalf of countries-participants of the International Sports Cynological Movement has the honour to congratulate the leadership and all members of the SADAA on this important event in the cynological sports history.

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