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6.1. The FEDERATION property comprises material and other values, which are entered into the FEDERATION'S balance.

6.2. The sources of the formation of the property and finances of the FEDERATION are:

  • entrance and membership fees, donations, gratuitous or charitable payments, grants of juridical persons and individuals (foreigners also) in pecuniary, property and other forms;
  • incomes from lectures, exhibitions, lotteries, auctions, sporting and other events;
  • incomes from commercial and foreign trade activity;
  • incomes from civil deals and transactions;
  • incomes from securities bought by the FEDERATION;
  • bank credits;
  • other legal sources.
6.3. The FEDERATION, according to the legislation in force, buys and uses in its activity land lots, buildings, premises, lodges, transportation, machinery, animals, equipment and stock, property of cultural, educational and health improving purposes, finances, shares, securities, other personal and real property, necessary for the material provision of FEDERATION'S activities.

The FEDERATION may also have in property: the institutions, publishing houses and mass media, which are created or bought at the expense of the FEDERATION according to its Statute.

6.4. The FEDERATION has a right to use (on a contractual basis) property placed at its disposal by Russian and foreign juridical and physical persons and to acquire property for the realization of goals and objects of the FEDERATION.

6.5. The FEDERATION owns its property. Every member of the FEDERATION has no right of ownership on the share of the FEDERATION'S property. Incomes from commercial and other kinds of activity of the FEDERATION are directed on the goals declared and can not be distributed among members of the FEDERATION. The FEDERATION may use its means for charitable goals.

6.6. The FEDERATION draws up the balance sheet, has its own accountancy, keeps up statistical and other book-keeping in legal order.

6.7. The members of the FEDERATION own their property. 6.8. The members of the FEDERATION retain their autonomy, independence and rights of juridical persons.

6.9. Subsidiaries and representations of the FEDERATION are not juridical persons. The FEDERATION gives them its property, and they act on the base of regulations approved by the Council of the FEDERATION. The Council assigns leaders of subsidiaries and representations, and they act on the base of letter of attorney.

6.10. Employees of the Council staff are subject to the Russian legislation of labour and social insurance.

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