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3.1. The FEDERATION according to the legislation in force has a right to:

  • represent and defend its rights, legal interests of its members in government bodies and local authorities, take part in the decision making process in government bodies and in organs of local authorities about the FEDERATION'S activity in accordance with legally established procedure;
  • advance initiatives, concerning different questions of social life, introduce corresponding motions to the government bodies about the FEDERATION'S activity;
  • carry out all the power determined by the laws about public unions.
3.2. The FEDERATION has to:
  • observe the legislation of the Russian Federation as well as general principles and norms of international law concerning the FEDERATION'S activity;
  • inform register body about the continuation of its activity (including confirmation of the information in the State list of juridical persons) annually;
  • carry out other duties determined by the legislation in force.
3.3. The state does not answer for the obligations of the FEDERATION, the FEDERATION does not answer for the obligations of the state and also of its members. The members of the FEDERATION shall only be financially bound within the limits of their annually subscriptions to the FEDERATION.

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