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2.1. The goals of the FEDERATION are:

  • assistance in the development and popularization of cynological sport as one of the directions of cultural, sports and educational work on the grass-roots level; drawing the population, especially the youth, into sports; charitable activity;
  • assistance in the formation of national systems of cynological activities and also in the development of national kinds of sport with dogs;
  • assistance in the formation of international sporting cynological community and also the system of sports events in cynological sport;
  • assistance in the development and popularization of the following kinds of cynological sport:
a) Sleddog sport (skijoring, pulka, teams);
b) Agility;
c) Cynological applied all around combined tournaments:
-†classical biathlon
-†modern biathlon
-†winter combined competitions
-†summer combined competitions
-†international all around combined tournament (IPO)
-†triathlon with guard-dogs
-†pentathlon with guard-dogs
d) General Training Course and Guard-Dog Course
e) Freestyle
f) other kinds, which appear during the process of the development of cynological sport.
  • assistance in the inclusion of various kinds of cynological sport into the program of Olympic Games;
  • coordination of activities of the members of the FEDERATION with the purpose of realization of its goals and objects declared by this Statute.
2.2. The objects of the FEDERATION are:
  • assistance in the realization of the human right to go in for sports;
  • assistance in the development and popularization of cynological sport as one of the directions of cultural, sports and educational work among the masses;
  • assistance in the creation of the methodical and normative base of international system of cynological activities, in educational and practical training of specialists in corresponding directions;
  • assistance in the preservation and development of the best traditions of national cynological systems, in the rise of the social utility of amateur cynology, in the breeding of dogs with high working qualities for the practical use, in the recovery of the valuable genetic fund;
  • assistance in the rise of general cynological culture according to the animal protection legislation;
  • the propaganda of practical use of the dogs as a socially useful sphere of human activities, a part of cultural and aesthetic education of the person and healthy way of life;
  • rendering members of the FEDERATION, other cynological organizations, dog owners, assistance in the protection of their rights and interests;
  • strengthening of peace and friendship between nations by means of sport.
2.3. According to the legislation in force, with a purpose of reaching goals and objects declared by this Statute, the FEDERATION:
  • propagandizes healthy way of life, moral and intellectual values by means of sport, develops sporting activity in cynological sport;
  • organizes and holds international sport competitions (Championships, Cups, Sports Festivals, Games, Tournaments etc.) within the FEDERATION, organizes and holds other sports events;
  • organizes training and retraining of referees, judges, trainers, instructors and other specialists within the FEDERATION; founds sporting schools and educational centers;
  • assists in the development of popular, professional, children's, youth sports and sport of physically handicapped persons, sports hunting, tourism; assists in the training and in the protection of interests of sportsmen specializing in cynological sports;
  • carries out scientific, methodical and analytical researches in the dog sports sphere, in the training of sportsmen, instructors, judges, referees, trainers and other specialists;
  • elaborates and realizes the programs of the FEDERATION directed at the development of cynological sport;
  • assists national federations of cynological sports in their work;
  • holds popular educational, cultural and educational, physical culture and sports arrangements and shows;
  • assists departments, which use dogs in their work;
  • organizes and holds congresses, conferences, seminars and symposiums devoted to the questions of the FEDERATION'S activities, holds festivals, auctions, exhibitions, lotteries, competitions etc.;
  • holds publishing activity, founds mass media;
  • finances sporting and social programs, holds charity work;
  • collaborates with national and international sporting and cynological organizations; may found public organizations, become a member of international public organizations and get corresponding rights and duties, maintain direct international contacts and communication;
  • takes part in building, reconstruction and exploitation of sports-grounds, gyms, shooting-galleries, stadiums, sports palaces, centers, camps, and other sports buildings;
  • organizes and holds charity actions;
  • renders technically, methodically and in other ways to members of the FEDERATION;
  • founds branch offices and representations;
  • disposes its property and finances;
  • sends on teams, delegations and individuals, receives foreign teams, delegations and individuals;
  • gets bank credits and financial and other support from juridical and physical persons;
  • founds economic associations and commercial organizations with rights of juridical person;
  • carries out commercial activity including foreign trade, acquires property for the realization of its commercial activity;
  • may carry out other kinds of activities according to the goals and objects of the FEDERATION and the legislation in force.
2.4. The FEDERATION could carry out those kinds of activities, which are subject to licensing, only after receipt of a license.

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