1.1. The Union of the Public Organizations "International Federation of Cynological Sports" (IFCS) (below - "FEDERATION") is an international voluntary union of public organizations which has been created for the protection of common interests and the achievement of the declared goals and objects.

1.2. The full naming of the FEDERATION in Russian: Soyuz obshestvennykh ob'edinenii "Mezhdunarodnaya federatsia kinologicheskogo sporta", abbreviation - MFKS. The full naming of the FEDERATION in English: Union of the Public Organizations "International Federation of Cynological Sports", abbreviation - IFCS.

1.3. The FEDERATION carries out its activity on the whole territory of those states where public organizations - members of the FEDERATION exist.

1.4. The FEDERATION carries out its activity according to the constitutions and the legislation (in the part concerning public organizations) of the Russian Federation and other states, in accordance with common principles and legal standards of international laws, and the present Statute on the base of voluntarism, legality, publicity and equality of rights of its members.

1.5. The FEDERATION independently solves perspective and current tasks of its activities, determines concrete directions and forms of work.

1.6. The FEDERATION becomes a juridical person since the moment of state registration, possesses the property, has its own balance, current and noncurrent assets, can assume property and personal non-property rights and perform duties, can conclude agreements and contracts, appear as a plaintiff or a respondent in court and arbitration court; can open various kinds of accounts in the banks, has its own seal and stamp, its own symbolics (emblem, flag and pennons), legally approved and registered.

1.7. The FEDERATION interacts and collaborates with the International Olympic Committee, other international organizations and also with sporting organizations of different countries. The forms of collaboration and interaction should be determined on the basis of the treaties concluded.

1.8. The FEDERATION recognizes the principles, goals and objects of the international sports Olympic movement.

1.9. The seat of the permanently acting governing organ - the Council of the FEDERATION - Moscow, Russian Federation.


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