The Aims of the IFCS

1. Integration of cynological sports into international sports system and Olympic movement.
Olympic Games are the top of sport of high-level. The main aim of the IFCS is assistance for inclusion of cynological sports into program of Olympic Games. Sports with dogs in the Olympic Games? Why not? If there is an equestrian in the Olympic program, why shouldnt be dog sport there?

2. Integration of dogsport-fanciers into world-wide sports cynological community.
Millions of people in all over the world are dog-holders. Sport with dogs is the most popular in countries of Europe, America, Eastern Asia and also in Australia. Very important aim of the IFCS is the integration of dogsport-fanciers from different countries by means of association in the IFCS national organizations, support of their activity.

3. Promotion and development of cynological sports on all levels.
It is necessary to attend to both sport of high level and sport for all for successful development of cynological sports. It is also important to hold competitions for young people and also for seniors.

4. Promotion of the most popular disciplines of cynological sports on international level.
One of the aims of IFCS is creation and perfection of system of sport competitions and holding of World Cynological Games in short-range outlook. The representation and presentation of cynological spot as a modern, dynamic and attractive discipline in constant dialogue with the media and the public.

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