The Council is a constantly acting leading body of the FEDERATION, which has the rights of juridical person and executes the FEDERATIONS duties according to the present Statute. The Council comprises the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General and members of the Council.

from The IFCS Statue, clause 5.6

The FEDERATIONs activities can be found under Documents, The IFCS Statue, clause 5.7

Steven DrinkwaterSteven Drinkwater (Australia) - IFCS President

Steven Drinkwater was born on the 4th June 1963.

Steven Drinkwater is a serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Steven Drinkwater has been involved in the development of Agility in Australia since he first started with his now retired Kelpie Cross, Tessa, in 1989. He has been on the Inaugural Committee of four specialist Agility clubs and also co-founded the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) in 1994. Steven Drinkwater has been on the Board of Directors for ADAA since its inception, holding various positions including Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary.

Steven Drinkwater first started his judging career in 1991 and has been judging ever since. Steven Drinkwater is also a member of the ADAA Senior Judges Panel and is jointly responsible for the training and management of ADAA Judges.

Steven Drinkwater is also the Global Administrator of the International Agility Link (IAL), a position he has held since jointly creating the concept in 1997. The IAL is a global competition involving 20 countries and close to 2000 dogs that communicate through e-mail and a web site.

Along with his wife, Cathy Slot, Steven publishes Clean Run Australia, with the assistance and permission of Clean Run (US). Steven Drinkwater has conducted Agility seminars and training in New Zealand, Malaysia, England and within Australia.

Steven Drinkwater is currently competing in Agility with his 6 year old Australian Working Kelpie, Tommy AAC MAAD5. Steven and Tommy won the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in 2000 at the Royal Sydney Easter Show and the ADAA Dog of the year in 2002. Steven and Tommy foster a connection on the Agility field that see the two work as a team in a free flowing, yet precise and efficient, manner.

In October 2002 Steven Drinkwater was co-opted into the IFCS Council as a Council member. In 2006-2012 Steven Drinkwater held the post of IFCS Secretary General. In 2012 he was elected on the post of IFCS President.

Luis CiuranaLuis Ciurana (Spain) - IFCS Vice-President

Luis Ciurana is the President of the Spanish Federation of Agility and Canine Education (FEAEC). He was elected this post in 1994.

Luis Ciurana is a trainer and judge.

In August of 2002 Luis Ciurana was elected IFCS Council member on IFCS Congress. In 2012 Luis Ciurana was elected on the post of IFCS Vice-President.

Yuri OstashenkoYuri Ostashenko (Russia) - IFCS Vice-President

Yuri Ostashenko was born on the 13th of March 1965.

Yuri Ostashenko is engaged in sport with dogs and dogs training since 1980. In 1983 he has finished courses of instructors. In 1983-1985 he served in the Soviet Army in the Central School of Military Dog Training (Ministry of Defence of the USSR). Military speciality instructor of service dogs.

In 1988 Yuri Ostashenko became a head of Timiryazevsky club of dog training. The team and sportsmen of the club repeatedly became prizewinners and champions of Russia in different kinds of cynological sport.

In 1994 Yuri Ostashenko initiated organization of the first Russian Championship of cynological sport out of the kennel-clubs system. Since that time he is at the head of Executive Committee of national competitions. Yuri Ostashenko made a great contribution to the forming of the system of sports cynological events in Russia. With his help cynological sport in 1997 was included into the state programs of physical education of the population in Russia and in 2000 got a support of the Russian Olympic Committee.

In 1998 Yuri Ostashenko was elected Vice-President of the Russian League of Cynologists national sports organization, authorized by the Russian State Committee for physical culture and sport and the Russian Olympic Committee to develop cynological sport in Russia.Yuri Ostashenko represents the Russian League of Cynologists in the Russian Olympic Committee, he is a member of the Russian Committee of National and Non-Olympic Kinds of Sport. He is an officer of the Russian State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport. Coach of the highest category (state certificate), judge of the national category.

Yuri Ostashenko suggested a concept of development of cynological sport on the international level and its integration into the international sports system. Initiator of the creation of the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS). In 2000 was elected the IFCS President on the Constituent Congress, in 2006-2012 - IFCS Council member. In 2012 Yuri Ostashenko was elected on the post of IFCS Vice-President.

Higher education. Yuri Ostashenko finished the Russian State Institute of Cinematography, speciality film-dramatist. He is an author and director of the documentary Dogs life, which was screened in 1990 on the Central Popular Science Films Studio (Moscow, Russia). The film is devoted to philosophic consideration of relationship between man and dog. In 2008 he finished State P.F. Lesgaft University of Physical Culture and Sport.

Kenneth TatschKenneth Tatsch (USA) - IFCS Secretary General

Kenneth Tatsch has been involved in the dog sport since 1980.

He served as training director and president of the Dallas, Texas Dog Training Club from 1984-85. In 1985, he began study of dog agility in Great Britain under the tutelage of Peter Lewis, one of the innovators of the sport. He attended residency judges training seminars, and instructors seminars in Great Britain during the earlier years of founding the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA).

Kenneth Tatsch has judged more than 100 events at the local, regional, national and international level over the past twelve years. Kenneth Tatsch was Chief Judge of the 1st IFCS World Agility Championship, which was held on the 31st of March 2002 in Moscow.

In 1988, Kenneth Tatsch introduced the Grand Prix of Dog Agility as the first national tournament on the North American continent. In 1990, Kenneth Tatsch introduced USDAAs dog agility certification program, wherein dog/handler teams compete to earn Title Certificates for their dogs, evidencing their accomplishments against pre-defined performance standards. In 1993, he introduced USDAA Junior Handler Program for dog agility, where school-age children and their pets compete on less demanding courses, with the emphasis in competition being on junior handler and dog working together well on simplified courses. In 1993, Kenneth Tatsch introduced the first team championship tournament series the Dog Agility Masters Team Championships where three-dog/handler teams compete in standard agility, jumpers, gamblers, snooker agility and three-dog relay classes, and in 1997 introduced a third competitive tournament series the $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase Championships, where dogs race for time on a jumpers style course that also includes an A-frame.

Throughout these formative years, Kenneth Tatsch defined procedures for conduct of events from course design patterned after the British style and scorekeeping, event results reporting for clubs and establishing an office for accumulation of event records and issuance of awards and title certificates for USDAA events.

Throughout USDAAs development, which has led the development of dog agility throughout the western hemisphere, Kenneth Tatsch has continued to exercise great care in training of judges for USDAA events, and in promoting sound training practices for dogs. Through the years he has conducted more than 100 seminars in judging, instruction and training of dogs throughout North America. He provided guidance for the establishment of dog agility from 1997 to 1999 in Mexico, which now has a well-established program for dog agility recognized by the FCM (Mexico Kennel Club).

He continues to travel to other countries to promote world standards for dog agility and has signed on behalf of USDAA declarations and resolutions in support of the principles of the International Federation of Cynological Sports in Moscow in February 2001. He is now in the process of organizing a charitable foundation for support of amateur cynological sports and the Pan American Association of Cynological Sports for the alliance of independent dog sports associations throughout the western hemisphere.

In 2002 Kenneth Tatsch was elected the IFCS Vice-President on the IFCS Congress. From 2006 to 2012 Kenneth Tatsch held the post of IFCS President. In 2012 Kenneth Tatsch was elected on the post of IFCS Secretary General.

Wim Beckendam (Netherlands) - IFCS Council member

Dirk Defour (Belgium) - IFCS Council member

Hisato TanabeHisato Tanabe (Japan) - IFCS Council member

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