The International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS) - A modern sports organization with a future

IFCS unites national member federations of sport with dogs on all five continents. It is a sports organization, which reaches on all over the world and bears the idea of a united cynological sport nation.

As guarantor of interests of many thousands athletes, coaches and judges involved into sports with dogs, the IFCS represents different facets of world cynological sport: from sport of higher achievements to competitions for all.

No other world sport federations as the International Federation of Cynological Sports, which held official world championships on cynological sports without of limitations on participation because of breed of dogs, availability or absence of pedigree documents and also pedigree registration in any kennel-club.

National organizations IFCS members propose a diversity of offers including dog training, participation in competitions, awarding by national titles etc.

IFCS world umbrella organization on cynological sport the leader of International Sports Cynological Movement. Basic principles of the International Sports Cynological Movement are fixed in the Declaration, which was signed in 2001 in Moscow. At present the Declaration is signed by more than twenty countries. The text of the Declaration of International Sports Cynological Movement you can find on the page IFCS Philosophy.

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